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Under constant and heavy loads, as well as being subjected to the elements, problems in Substations and transmission lines can arise frequently. Therefore an infrared survey is a crucial tool in any utility preventative maintenance program. Some of the common problems are failing connections, lightning arrestors, bad bushings, and failing transformers. These can all be found using infrared thermography. This tool can help to save thousands of dollars in emergency repair and to help prevent outages. There are two different types of Infrared utility scanning Oregon Infrared offers.


The first type of scan is the substation scan. We travel from substation to substation in the utility district looking for any hot spots that indicate damage or failing equipment. We thoroughly document all exceptions and provide a report detailing found problems and assign a priority according to their severity. The second type of scan provided is the Utility Line scan. Oregon Infrared has developed a portable apparatus that is mounted on the outside of the vehicle and allows us to safely drive utility lines throughout a district and look for any damaged or failing components on the transmission system. All that is needed is a blueprint of the lines and we take care of the rest!

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