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As of 2011, Oregon Infrared now provides Ultrasound scans as part of its services. Trained through UE Systems and wielding an Ultraprobe 10000, we can offer all types of ultrasound services.

Many high voltage systems are too dangerous to take apart for fear of electrical shock hazard, arc flash, or accidental production loss. Ultrasound provides a non-intrusive preventative maintenance alternative where covers can remain closed and accurate information on any potential exceptions can be found. Mechanical and steam systems are very complex and it often helps to approach problems using a myriad of diagnostic tools. Infrared can only see temperature differentials in mechanical systems and can miss issues that don’t generate heat. Ultrasound can be used as an additional tool in finding problems and making a more complete mechanical survey.

Thousands of dollars are being spent on wasted compressed air in facilities large and small. The US Department of Energy estimates that 30% of compressed air being produced in the United States is lost to air leaks. Oregon Infrared can use ultrasound to help find compressed air leaks and keep your system running at its peak efficiency

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