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Solar power is a new up and coming source of electrical energy for business owners, utility companies, and homeowners alike. Harley Denio at Oregon Infrared is the first in the industry to develop and publish an efficient and accurate way to spot damaged solar cells even in large arrays.


When solar cells become damaged they often stop producing electrical energy and start producing heat energy. This can damage other cells around it and can even cause an entire panel to need replacement. Oregon Infrared can spot these problems in our comprehensive solar power scan. We look at all aspects of the photovoltaic system, from the cells to the inverter. Solar panels need maintenance like any other piece of equipment and infrared is an efficient and cost effective way to keep any system at its best.


Another aspect of solar power is the installation of arrays on top of roofs. Before investing thousands of dollars of equipment on top of a roof, consider having Oregon Infrared inspect the roof for moisture intrusion and water damage. Once the photovoltaic array is installed, it becomes significantly more difficult and costly to repair any roof. Let us find any problems before installation, saving money and time.

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