Moisture Intrusion

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One of the most dreaded moments in a homeowners or a property manager’s life is when water starts to leak into the building. Once moisture has infiltrated, it can be difficult to find the source and stop the leak. Some leaks can travel long distances before being discovered. This makes the source of the intrusion very difficult to find and to trace out. Oregon Infrared is trained to not only find areas where moisture is intruding, but also help to find and determine what areas have been affected and the extent of the damage.

Building materials are also a major factor in determining why moisture intrusion has occurred. EIFS structures and exteriors made of stucco are often major culprits of moisture intrusion in the wet climate. Often times buildings with a EIFS/stucco exterior can be mismanufactured or improperly installed. This allows water to get behind the surface, causing damage and potential mold issues. Infrared can help to spot those areas and guide the building owner exactly to the point where the water is getting in. This can potentially save thousands of dollars since you only replace areas that actually need it.

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