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All facilities, large and small, have mechanical systems that support its infrastructure. Whether it’s an HVAC system or an industrial facility with hundreds of bearings and motors, things break down over time.

This equipment can be extremely costly when it fails and replacing it can be time consuming and expensive. This can cause loss of production and comprise safety. Oregon Infrared’s mechanical scans are thorough and in-depth. Bearings and belts, as well as the internal workings of motors, generate heat. Infrared cameras can spot temperature differentials and find failing components before they fail.


Steam traps in good working order are supposed to show a temperature differential between inlet and outlet. Reasons steam traps fail are varied and correctly diagnosing the problem can be difficult. Oregon Infrared personnel are specially trained to find and analyze failed steam traps and identify them in systems of all sizes thus saving you time and money.

Large production assembly lines can have hundreds or thousands of bearings in operation. Damaged bearings cause heat which can eventually lead to them breaking down. This can potentially damage other parts of the machinery, the product itself, and is a waste of energy. Oregon Infrared can accurately and efficiently find bad bearings and report them before they fail.

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