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Services offered by Oregon Infrared.


A facility electrical scan consists of taking apart the main distribution panels, sub-distribution panels, and distribution panels throughout a facility looking for problems before they become emergencies.


A scan looking at motors, motor bearings, steamtraps, conveyor bearings, fan belts, fans, and HVAC systems.

Building Energy Loss

Building Energy Loss Assessments are done for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential buildings. The scan consists of using the infrared camera to look for energy escaping the building.

Moisture Intrusion

Oregon Infrared is trained to not only find areas where moisture is intruding, but also help to find and determine what areas have been affected and the extent of the damage.

Roof Leak Scans

A scan preformed on top of a roof or in a helicopter, to detect leaks and water intrusion into the building.


Under constant and heavy loads, as well as being subject to the elements, problems in Substations can arise frequently. Substation scans can save valuable time and money by determining problems before they become critical.


Many new solar systems are going up all over the world. Oregon Infrared has developed new techniques to help keep your system at peak performance.


Oregon Infrared has developed classes for those who have decided to purchase infrared cameras. We help provide basic knowledge for the accurate and effective use of infrared and can help keep that camera from being an expensive door stop.


As of 2011, Oregon Infrared offers the full complement of Ultrasound services. High voltage systems, mechanical systems, and compressed air systems all should be scanned with ultrasound as often as it is scanned with infrared.


Whether it is for horse or for elephant, Oregon Infrared can help determine medical problems in animals. Why pay for an MRI when an Infrared scan is cheaper, easier, and faster?

Research and Development

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New Content soon to arrive!

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