Aerial Solar Thermography and Condition Monitoring of Photovoltaic Systems

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Infrared Thermography can be applied to determine the operational status of photovoltaic solar systems on a large scale using flight.

Solar Thermography is the use of an infrared camera to inspect photovoltaic solar systems for problems that can cause; damage to the cells, loss of efficiency, and fire hazards. The demand for cheap renewable energy sources is at its highest that it has ever been. Therefore solar arrays and installations have been being erected the world over. In this rush for renewable energy there is a growing need for accurate data showing where the solar arrays need maintenance. The difficulty of finding and tracking down problems and potential issues that arise in these installations in monumental. Therefore Infrared thermography is a valuable technology that can be used on a wider scale to pinpoint problems in these large arrays.

To find out more, read our white paper (pdf).

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