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What is infrared thermography?

All objects emit heat. Infrared thermography uses an infrared radiometer (camera) to see infrared heat waves and measure their temperature. The lowest temperature the human eye can visually detect is approx. 500 deg. Celcius. Temperatures cooler than that are emitted as infrared waves. An infrared camera detects temperatures in this lower range and produces colorized images which enable us to see the temperature variations in the image.
Thermography provides a safe and fast way to inspect the condition of a facility's electrical, mechanical, and structural integrity. It has been widely recognized as an indispensable tool in preventive maintenance.

Why is infrared thermography important to a total maintenance program?

  • Save Energy Costs
  • Prevent Loss of Production
  • Reduce unscheduled downtime
  • Extend equipment life
  • Maximize maintenance efforts
  • Set baselines on new equipment installations

Is infrared thermography for me?

As a maintenance professional, if you are under task to to keep your facility or utility reliable, with zero unexpected breakdowns, and zero catastrophic failures, then you will find infrared thermography is an indispensable tool in a total maintenance program.

Why outsource infrared thermography services?

  • High cost of the infrared camera and it's maintenance is the responsibility of the contractor.
  • When the contractor gets an equipment or reporting upgrade, your company benefits.
  • Developing a program on site, with trendable results, is time consuming and expensive (training, equipment purchasing, database development). A good infrared contractor has all of these details in place to provide you with a quality service.

Why use Oregon Infrared??

  • Oregon Infrared President Harley Denio has had extensive training in the technology with over 200 hours of classroom instruction. He has spoken nationally on the subject several times.
  • Oregon Infrared has been in business performing quality thermographic surveys and saving maintenance costs for its customers since 1997.
  • Oregon Infrared President Harley Denio has 30 years experience in the facility maintenance electrical field. 12 years experience in infrared thermography.
  • Oregon Infrared uses top of the line equipment (Flir PM 285) and software to produce stellar reports in a safe reliable and timely manner.
  • Oregon Infrared is well known for its attention to safety and professionalism when conducting surveys.

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